Ayana 2-Light Floor Lamp, Gold Brass, Natural Rattan Tube , Double On/Off Pull Chain

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Introducing the Ayana 2-Light Floor Lamp, a stunning addition to any home. Made with elegant gold brass and natural rattan tubes, this lamp illuminates any room with style. Easily switch between two brightness levels with the double on/off pull chain. Elevate your space with the Ayana Floor Lamp. Bring the cozy charm of nature and the sleek elegance of brass together with the Ayana 2-Light Floor Lamp. Whether you're looking to brighten up your living room, bedroom, or office, this stunning lamp is the perfect choice. The double on/off pull chain allows for easy adjustment between two brightness levels, making it a versatile and functional piece for any space. Say goodbye to dull, boring lighting and hello to the Ayana Floor Lamp - the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Customer Reviews

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Cristian Russell
Timeless Beauty

Unlike trendy lighting fixtures that quickly go out of style, the Ayana Floor Lamp boasts a timeless beauty that I know I'll appreciate for years to come. It's a true investment piece for any home.

Nasir Sutton
Easy to Assemble

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to assemble the Ayana Floor Lamp. Within minutes, I had it set up and ready to light up my room in style.

Gianni Ware
Excellent Customer Service

Not only is the Ayana Floor Lamp a beautiful addition to my home, but the customer service provided by the company was also exceptional. They truly care about their customers' satisfaction.

Victor Patel
Statement Piece

The Ayana Floor Lamp is more than just a lighting fixture—it's a statement piece. Its unique design never fails to catch the eye and spark conversation among visitors to my home.

Zaire Gallegos
Warm and Inviting

The warm glow emitted by the Ayana Floor Lamp instantly transforms my space into a cozy haven. It's become my favorite spot to unwind after a long day.