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A TV stand, also called a TV cabinet or TV console, is a piece of household furnishings that holds televisions above the ground to be viewed comfortably. In addition to making rooms more comfortable for watching TV, a modern TV stand also reduces clutter with its storage compartments.

NY Modern provides a wide selection of TV stands for living room, bedroom, or home office made from hardwood with unique features and storage solutions. One of these can transform your home into an entertainment center

Streamline Your Living Room Setup with NY Modern Multifunctional TV Stands

A multifunctional TV stand is the perfect choice to streamline your interior setup and create a striking focal point in the room. Having it at the center of the room will make decorating easier and make it a focal point. You can keep your rooms uncluttered with cable management holes on our TV consoles. Additionally, they offer storage solutions for a variety of items, including books, remote controls, pens, and other decorative items.

Elevate Your Home Theater Experience with Contemporary TV Stands

NY Modern’s TV cabinets add streamers and soundbars, making your home theater experience even more enjoyable. It's easy to organize multimedia components neatly and efficiently with TV console cabinets, shelves, drawers, and integrated storage options.

Optimize Your Space with Compact TV Stand Dimensions

In limited spaces, compact TV stands enhance space efficiency and are easy to move while providing visual appeal. The compact TV stands allow you to position your TV in corners, alcoves, and smaller walls. Despite their small size, they significantly impact a room's overall decor. Whether you want to stand up a TV stand for  55-inch, 60-inch, 65-inch, 70-inch, or 85-inch TVs, NY Furniture offers a wide range of TV consoles for all sizes of TVs.

Explore the Sturdy and High-Quality TV Stand Options for Any TV Size

A wide variety of TV stands are available on the market, made mainly from different wood types, ranging from hardboard and MDF to various kinds of wood. NY Modern’s TV stands are all made of hardwood. They are easy to match with your existing decor, as well as long-lasting. You can choose from different size options. While some can fit up to a 72-inch TV, others accommodate screens as large as 85 inches.

Infuse Elegance into Your Home Decor With Our Wooden TV Stands

NY Modern’s wooden TV stands come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and shapes that can easily be matched with existing decor. You can opt for a walnut TV stand or choose a white top. The elegantly attached wooden legs give a sleek modern look to the stand design. With the wooden colors, the room's TV unit and other decorative elements can better stand out.

Answers to Common Questions

You can check out frequently asked questions below;

How Can I Ensure My TV Fits Perfectly on the Stand?

Our product descriptions indicate the maximum TV size they can support. However, you can also compare your TV's width with the stand's width to ensure a perfect fit. Regarding height, TV consoles usually sit at eye level, allowing for comfortable viewing.

How Do I Measure My TV to Find the Ideal TV Stand Size?

TVs are measured diagonally, but to find the ideal size for a media console TV stand, you need to know the width of the TV. You can either measure it using a length scale or find it online.

Which TV Stand Is Best for Your Needs?

NY Modern offers a wide selection of TV stands to meet different needs. You can use our open, airy consoles for easy access to your components. On the other hand, if your priority is to maximize space while maintaining a rustic look, our compact stands are ideal. Additionally, we offer various other options with a modern look. All our TV units are designed to provide a clutter-free appearance, with concealed storage options.

What Length of TV Stand is Suitable for a 75-Inch TV?"

The stand should be at least 69 inches wide for a 75-inch TV to ensure a proper visual appearance because the stand should be a bit wider than the TV for the match.