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In modern sectional sofas, aesthetics with fine details determine the design, while user comfort isn't ignored. These sofas can bring the 1950s aesthetic into your home in a modern taste.

Depending on your home's decor and shape, you may choose an L, U, or curved sectional sofa & couch.NY Modern’s sectional sofas & couches come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can enhance your modern sectional even further with ottomans, storage, chaises, and recliners.

Upgrade Your Living Room with a Stylish Modern Sectional Sofas & Couches

Furniture has become a trend to bring fresh style to the old instead of returning to it. Thus, the resulting products are fairly high quality and highly aesthetic.

Modern sectionals are one of the products influenced by this trend. To complete the elegance of this design, users are offered a quality upholstery item such as a leather couch, velvet, tightly woven fabric, etc.

Experience the Comfort & Luxury of a High-Quality Sectional Sofas

Living room sectionals were developed to create a comfortable and luxurious environment. In addition to offering a pleasant atmosphere for watching a soccer competition, an award-winning film, or a TV series, they also have a stylish design to host your guests.

A modern sectional sofa accommodates multiple people in one go and offers soft, cushioned sectional sofa covers that ensure comfort.

Transform Your Home with a Sectional Sofa from Our Collection

Sectional sofas are the most striking pieces of furniture in the house, and they are the first accessories to greet your guests. A fine-quality sectional sofa with a house-specific design can give your home an innovative touch and cover up other flaws.

A big sectional couch presents a stylish and ostentatious look when placed around focal points like televisions or fireplaces and when paired with an ottoman or coffee table.

Sectional Sofa Shapes

A cheap sectional couchcomes in several types and shapes. These options allow users to create their unique style.

1. L Shaped Sectional Sofa

Your living room can be more spacious with L shaped sectional couch. Multiple people can lie on them at the same time, owing to their shape. A chair set of the same fabric type can also complement the L couch sectional. For example, a leather sectional couch with leather chairs can offer an excellent addition.

2. U Shaped Sectional Sofa

The U-shaped sectional is perfectly designed to hold a large group of guests. A cross-sectional sofa provides a cozy atmosphere for people to converse.

Their design makes it easy to place them in compact spaces. In the spacious atmosphere of these sofas, you can watch a basketball competition with your family.

3. Curved Sectional Sofa

Curved sectionals help you feel modern lines while offering comfort. Combined with a round coffee table, it creates an inviting atmosphere. The neutral colors of brown, gray, black, and white sectional couches make these stylish designs stand out and provide a relaxing ambiance. However, depending on your home decor, you may opt for a  blue sectional sofa.

Sectional Sofa Styles

Sectionals are also divided into different categories in terms of having different properties. Among them are:

1. Sectional Sofa with Sleeper

It has been common for a long time for a sectional sofa with a pull-out bed. However, their design had to be thin and unpretentious to be foldable, making them unpreferable furniture despite their functionality. 

Fortunately, they have greatly changed since then. A stylish and ostentatious sofa can also become the most comfortable sectional sofa where you can host your guests at night. Modern sectional sleeper sofa usually features comfortable cushions to ensure your guests a good night's sleep.

2. Sectional Sofa with Recliner

You can experience the comfort of recliners inside a sectional. The reclining sectional between sofas is perfect for watching movies or reading books while relaxing. A sectional sofa with chaise or recliner lets you comfortably lounge in your living room.

The position can be manually adjusted and is extremely easy to set up. With these sets, you don't need another recliner. Recliners can be tucked inside sectional sets so that you get both the function and comfort of the recliner.

3. Sectional Sofa with Chaise

Sectionals with extended seating are called chaise longue sofas. To provide a suitable environment for stretch and relaxation, sectional sofas are made in different types and shapes. Depending on size and shape, your room may require multiple chaises or a sectional sofa without a chaise.

4. Sectional Sofa with Storage

Sectionals with storage let you keep pillows, blankets, books, etc. Their space-saving solutions are great for small or crowded houses. Under the seating area of sectional sofas with storage, there's usually a storage compartment or compartments.

5. Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

Ottomans are legendary remnants of medieval culture that can serve many functions at once. You can use them as an extra sofa in a crowded meeting or as a coffee table where you can put your coffee. If you wish, you can also consider them a suitable area to stretch your feet and rest. It's even possible to use some models as extra storage. Whatever purpose you are going to take it for, Ottoman is a perfect fit for your needs.

What Style of Sofa is Most Popular?

Different types of sectional sofas exist for living rooms, apartments, basements, family rooms, home theaters, small living rooms, etc. We help you navigate between these sofas and find yourbest sectional sofa.

1. Mid-century Modern Sofa

Carrying the 1950s lines, these sofas offer elegance with modern and minimalist lines. Classic sofas are known to bring aesthetics to the fore. While sipping coffee with your loved one, this sofa shows how aesthetics matter.

2. Traditional Sofa

Many styles of traditional sofas are made up of either leather or velvet-luxury fabrics. Some of them have removable cushions, while others are more functional with reclining mechanisms.

These sofas blend well with accent chairs or two-seater sofas. However, it is largely because of their compatibility with almost all types of living spaces that contributes to their popularity.

3. Camel Back Sofas

Their name comes from camel-like structure on the back of the sofas. It dates back to the 18th century. In these sofas, the upholstery is fixed directly to the sofa.

4. Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa is a name that refers to a furniture style known as "Chesterfield love". It is identified by the wide arms that reach back to the sofa height as well as its classic impression.

How do You Know what Side Sectional You Need?  

Sectionals of the L-type come in two types: left-hand and right-hand. Here are their main differences. 

1. Left-Hand Facing Sectional

The left-hand sectional is the sectional with a chaise or corner piece on your left when you are standing opposite the sectional. Your living room shape and intended use can determine the type of left-hand sectional you choose.

2. Right-Hand Facing Sectional

If the chaise or corner piece is on the right side when you are looking from the opposite side, then it is a right-hand sectional. The case is when you look from the opposite side of the sectional to decide whether it should be a right or a left hand.

3. Reversible Sectional

As the name suggests, reversible sectionals allow you to change the location of the chaise or corner piece. These sectionals will be functional when your preferences change, or you move.

What's the Difference Between a Sofa and a Sectional Sofa?

There are a few distinctions between a sofa and a sectional sofa.

1. Sections

The most important difference between a sofa and a sectional is that sofas consist of one piece, while sectionals consist of 2 or more pieces.

2. Size and Compatibility

Since sectionals consist of sections, finding the same type and model in desired sizes is easier. In other words, you can buy 2 or more sections of the same model according to your preference. However, it may be difficult to find different sizes of the same model in the sofas.

3. Shapes and Types

Sectionals can be of many different shapes and types, such as L, U, curved, and circular. However, sofas are produced in only one way. Therefore, they do not offer a flexible way of use.

4. Comfort

Sectionals are more suitable for lying down and lying down, offering more comfortable use.

How to Measure Sectional Sofa?

The terms width and length should be used in various ways when measuring a sectional sofa. For example, a sofa's oval width refers to the part leaning against the wall or the back part of the sofa.

Overall length is used to show the sofa's side length. Sectionals have different lengths. So, each side's length must be specified separately.

Interior Space

You should also determine how much interior space you need for a coffee table or an ottoman you want to use while measuring for your sectionals. For example, if you want a large ottoman, make sure you have enough interior space. 

How do I Choose the Right Small Space Sectional Sofa?

As a first step, measure the dimensions of your room, and determine the location of door entrances, window openings, and focal points such as a television or fireplace.

Once you have determined these, you can decide where the sectional should begin and end, considering the entryway.

The second step is to choose the sectional that best suits your space. You can decide which model best suits your space, how many sections you have, and what type of sectional you need. Curved models offer a uniquely stylish look, while angular models allow you to use your space more effectively.

How do You Know if a Sectional is Good Quality?

As one of the most striking pieces of furniture in a house, sectional sofas stand out as the most prestigious sitting group. However, there are a few important characteristics of a quality sectional sofa.

1. Frame

Sofas must have a strong frame to last for many years. Most of them are made of steel or solid wood. In some samples, a mixture of these two can also be employed. Materials used in the moving parts of furniture and screwing can significantly affect its quality.

2. Springs

Springs affect the sofa's bearing capacity and longevity. Several quality spring systems are in use, such as eight-way hand-tied springs and S systems. You should check the spring system of the sofa you are purchasing. 

3. Cushions

Cushions play a crucial role in the comfort of your sofa. A high-resiliency or high-density foam sofa can remain in shape for many years. Quality cushions do not lose their shape once sat on and provide comfortable use.

4. Upholstery

The type of fabric used in upholstery is also one of the most significant quality indicators. If you prefer fabric upholstery, choose tightly woven fabrics. You can also choose a cotton, linen, microfiber, or leather sectional sofa according to your preference.

FAQs About Sectionals

Should I Get a Sectional or Two Sofas?

Sectionals need a little more space than sofas in more inflexible spaces. You can measure your room dimensions and compare them with our models.

Is a Sectional Sofa Recommended for a Condominium Apartment?

For a Condominium apartment, you should prefer a small sectional couch. Generally, angular models provide a better solution since they can fit any environment.

Which Sectional Sofa is Best?

You should set a sectional based on your own needs. However, "L" shape chaise sectionalsare the most preferred ones because of their compatibility.

Are Sectionals Outdated?

Fashions in sitting groups may change over time. As advancing designs and models are produced, old designs will become obsolete. For sectional sofas, however, there is no such thing. Many furniture stores decorate their shops with these timeless types of furniture, which have been in fashion for decades.

What's the Difference Between a Sectional and a Modular Sectional?

A modular couch is specially designed to your needs, which is the main difference from a regular sectional. On the other hand, regular sectionals have standard dimensions.

What are the Different Types of Sectionals?

Among the most popular types of sectionals are L-shaped sectionals,U-shaped sectionals,deep-seat sectionals, and modular sectional sofas.

Where to Buy Sectional Sofa?

To buy affordable sectional couches, you must first go to a living room furniture store that only sells furniture. Unfortunately, stores that sell hundreds of different products cannot specialize in this field, so they cannot offer quality products.

It is better to search on Google for sectional sofas for sale near me because most of the stores sell similar brands meaning all have the same quality. However, make sure the store you prefer has enough sort and size choices.