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Are you a home decor enthusiast with a flair for interior design? If you enjoy discovering and sharing unique furniture finds, the New York Modern affiliate program offers you an exciting opportunity.

As an affiliate, you can earn additional income by promoting our diverse range of stylish furniture products to your community. It’s a fantastic way to merge your passion with profit!

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Join us in bringing modern elegance to homes everywhere!

New York Modern Affiliate Program Benefits

10% Sale Commission

Affiliates earn a 10% commission on sales made through their unique referral links.

60-day cookies

Commissions can be earned on sales made within 60 days of a user clicking the affiliate link.

Unique Coupons

Unique coupons are available upon request, allowing affiliates to offer special deals.

Attractive Banners

We provide attractive banners to promote products effectively.

Fast Shipping

Fast fulfillment from our automated warehouse in Houston, TX.

Affiliate FAQ

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Our affiliate support is available Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm.Average answer time: 24h