Rhodes Chandelier

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Introducing the 3938-21 Rhodes Chandelier, a masterful blend of elegance and versatility that effortlessly harmonizes timeless design with modern sophistication. This chandelier showcases an Antique Brass finish that bestows vintage charm and sophistication upon your decor. Its five glass shades create a captivating contrast, with glossy white exteriors exuding contemporary flair, while the frosted interiors diffuse a soft and inviting glow. What truly distinguishes the Rhodes Chandelier is its adjustability—each of the five shades can be positioned independently, allowing you to craft a tailored lighting arrangement.

Designed to serve as both an illumination source and a focal point, this chandelier also offers customization. Included are two extra 8-inch poles, enabling you to adapt the lamp's height to match your ceiling height perfectly. With its timeless design and understated elegance, the Rhodes Chandelier enhances the ambiance of your space, illuminating it with sophistication and adaptability.


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